Typical dish of the coast and central highlands of Peru, served with cooked potatoes and a sauce based on fresh cheese, milk, oil and yellow pepper.

It is made with Peruvian yellow potatoes, chili, lettuce, lemon, boiled egg, avocado and black olives. However, many receipts add other ingredients such as mayonnaise, tuna, frayed chicken or seafood.

Typical dish from the department of Arequipa (south of Peru) elaborated with rocoto (hot pepper), spicy fruit similar to chili stuffed with Ground beef, peas, olives and fresh cheese baked in oven.

Dish made based on corn, stuffed with meat (beef, pork, or chicken), along with pieces of boiled egg and olives. Served with a “creole zarza” with onion and lemon juice.

Typical dish consisting of a dough made of cooked and mashed potatoes, stuffed with ground beef, chopped onions, olives, dried raisins and hard boiled eggs and then fried.

Dish from Arequipa that consists in a sauce based on “huacatay or black mint”, cheese, milk, peanut, sweet vanilla cookies and chili “mirasol” served on boiled potatoes with olives and hard-boiled egg.


Classic broth from the department of Arequipa, made with fresh shrimps, potatoes, cheese, corn, tomato, oregano, yellow pepper, rice and milk.

Traditional soup of the coast of Peru, made with chicken, thick noodles, celery, ginger, yellow potatoes and hard-boiled egg. Served with corn (cancha), spring onion and lemon juice.

Soup based on meat, tubers and vegetables. Sometimes pulses are also added, such as chickpeas.


Traditional dish consisting of pieces of fresh raw fish marinated in lemon juice, chili pepper or rocoto, served with finely chopped onion, pieces of sweet potato, lettuce and corn.

Beef heart brochette marinated in a special grilled dressing. Served with boiled potatoes, chili, cream and corn

Typical dish that consists of a thick cream of shredded chicken breast seasoned with chopped onion, yellow pepper, Parmesan cheese, pecans and milk. Served with boiled potatoes or white rice.

Dish prepared with stir-fried beef with onions, tomatoes, green pepper, soy sauce, vinegar and parsley. Served with rice and French fries.

Typical dish prepared with preheated stones underground with beef, pork, chicken and cuy (guinea pig) marinated in spices, along with potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beans and cassava.

Popular dish that consists in cooked rice with chicken into pieces, seasoned with garlic, cumin and coriander, small pieces of carrot and peas. Served with onion and lemon zarza.

Typical dish from the north of the country, made with baby goat's meat, seasoned with spices and marinated with “chicha de jora”; garnished with rice, boiled cassava and beans.

Seafood dish with fried fish (Chita or Corcovado), seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and served with rice garnishes, boiled cassava and onion zarza with lemon.

Very popular dish. It consists of a roasted chicken cook over charcoal or firewood previously marinated with spices served with French fries and a salad of fresh vegetables.


Typical dessert made from concentrated purple corn with potato starch. Boil with pineapple, quince and dry plum. Served cold or hot.

Typical dessert prepared by cooking the rice slowly with milk and sugar. It is usually added raisins, ground cinnamon, vanilla and condensed milk to flavor it. It is served cold or hot.

Traditional dessert of Lima that is prepared based on meringue and “manjar blanco”. It’s a thick cream composed of milk, almonds and sugar.


Cocktail prepared with Pisco, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg-white and ice.

Drink from the Andean region whose main input is the “purple corn” and lemon. It’s a refreshing drink.

A drink of Pre-Columbian origin. It’s a corn beer “chicha” prepared by germinating maize, extracting the malt sugars, boiling the wort, and fermenting it in large vessels. Very refreshing.

Typical infusion, based on coca leaves. It is a hot drink.

Typical summer drink. It is prepared mainly with fruits, sugar and ice.

They are very rich in minerals, in general they are very low in sodium and caloric value, so they are an ideal complement to accompany meals.

Beers type lager, refreshing taste and balanced body. They proudly represent the Peruvian beer tradition since the mid-nineteenth century.

Iconic, mass-consumption soft drink (soda) in Peru. Sweet taste and a yellow-golden color. The main content is the aroma of lemon verbena.